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Month: November 2016


Environment-Friendly Tote Bags – A Reality

Reusable bags have been the trend for quite some time now, and the big fans of these bags are Americans. While the world has slowly started getting rid of the disposable bags which are dangerous, Tote bags claims to be environment-friendly. Many municipalities have restricted the use of plastic bags to avoid waste. Many shops offer plastic bags either for free by charging a small amount of cash. Recycling of bags has been initiated nationwide.

It is a fact that canvas bags might also be worse than plastic as during a study researchers found that the expenditure incurred for various bags such as plastic and paper is the same used for making canvas bags. HDPE or the high-density polyethylene has got the smallest impact while cotton tote bags have got the highest impact on the environment.
HDPE bags may seem artificial however they produce very less carbon and by-products than any other cotton or paper bags.

As per studies, the expenditure for HDPE bag is less than almost two kilos of carbon wherein Tote bags need 26 and tote cotton bags need 327 uses. Since they are abundantly available, people believe it as disposable which is against its purpose. Many shops give Tote bags as gifts to the people which are the main reason of the high usage of this bag. This type of disaster causes more harm than help.

A study showed that the designers have a huge role in making tote bags famous as people get attracted towards big printed bags. There were only limited supplies of Tote bags once. However, when it was released all over, millions of people were lined up to buy this bag. In many countries, this bag has created so many crowds that sometimes the help of the police was taken to control the crowd.

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