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Do you have a Ventura County speeding ticket?traffic tickets

Keep those points off your license.

You saw the red lights flashing and wondered, “What did I do?” Next thing you knew, you had a Ventura County speeding ticket. Or a reckless driving ticket. Or a ticket for improper passing or tailgating or running a red light. You certainly had no intention of breaking the law, but now you have a Ventura County speeding ticket to deal with as well as more points on your license and higher insurance rates.

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If you have too many moving violations (and too many point on your driver’s license), you could have your license suspended or revoked. Living and working in Ventura County or anywhere in Southern California and being unable to drive would be a tremendous problem. Protect your driving privileges. Fight every point on your license. Talk to the Ventura County speeding ticket lawyers at Takakjian, Sowers & Sitkoff.

Reckless Driving Ticket
Driving without a License
Careless Driving Violation
Driving without Insurance
Ventura County Speeding Ticket
Tailgating Violation
Racing on the Highway
Improper U-Turn Ticket
Running a Red Light
Running a Stop Sign
Improper Passing
Wrong Way on a One-Way Street

Just because you got a Ventura County speeding ticket doesn’t mean you were in the wrong. This may be a case of an unrealistic speed limit being posted. Your Ventura County speeding ticket lawyer will check whether there is a valid engineering and traffic survey on file that justifies the posted speed.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in challenging red light photo tickets. We may not be able to get this ticket dismissed, but we could argue to dismiss previous convictions. That will hold down your point total. We may request traffic school – and that will result in a dismissal when you have successfully completed the school.

At the Takakjian, Sowers & Sitkoff traffic tickets defense law firm, our attorneys believe you should fight every ticket when you know you had no intention to break the law. Your right to drive and your insurance rates are in jeopardy every time a point is added to your driving record. Out-of-state moving violations also add to your point total on your California driver’s license.

Former District Attorney Now on Your Side
What can Takakjian, Sowers & Sitkoff do about your traffic violations?
We can explain the circumstances of your traffic stop in a Ventura County traffic court. We can challenge the law behind your ticket. We can review past traffic tickets and ask that they be dismissed.speeding tickets

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