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Success In Banning Chemical To Help Ozone Layer

For some years, the question on the ozone layer has been spreading across the countries. However, there is good news for all who were worried about the ozone layer. The good news is that the void found in the ozone layer is slowly shrinking. The chemists who have invested a lot of years in finding a solution for this issue are happy saying that their work has given an early result. Most of the atmospheric chemist could not believe that the void found was shrinking this early. They said that even if the hole will not get completely closed until early-mid century, the healing itself is like a ray of hope which gives assurance to the scientists that the void will get covered completely.

It was found in 1987 that the destruction of ozone will result in cancer-causing ultraviolet rays. During the winter season, water and nitric acid condense out and forms clouds. The chlorine from these cloud particles can destroy ozone in the form of light. Scientists are happy, and they thanked the chemical ban which has helped in covering the void slowly in the ozone layer. They hope that if this process continues, the void will get closed soon.


Medical Mission Help Reaches British Station

At Rothera, the British survey station was relieved by seeing the medical evacuation team. Now they will wait for the right weather so that they can fly about 1500 miles to reach the South Pole station. There the crews will make the aircraft better by equipping it with skis for a smooth landing on ice and snow at the pole. Once they get a favorable forecast, one of the planes will fly to evacuate and the other plane will stay there in Rothera which can provide the search and rescue capability, as required. There are possibilities that the flight that will be evacuation will take a patient out of Antarctica However, the decision has not been finalized yet.

After a consultation with the medical professionals, the officials decided that the in such a medical situation, they can send the patient to a better hospital which can provide a proper care which is not available there at the station. The officials were not ready to give out more information as it is a serious situation. As officials want to keep the patient’s privacy, the NSF decided not to release any information. The flights will start to fly once the weather changes and they get a clear sky to fly.

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