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Do you have a Ventura County speeding ticket?traffic tickets

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You saw the red lights flashing and wondered, “What did I do?” Next thing you knew, you had a Ventura County speeding ticket. Or a reckless driving ticket. Or a ticket for improper passing or tailgating or running a red light. You certainly had no intention of breaking the law, but now you have a Ventura County speeding ticket to deal with as well as more points on your license and higher insurance rates.

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If you have too many moving violations (and too many point on your driver’s license), you could have your license suspended or revoked. Living and working in Ventura County or anywhere in Southern California and being unable to drive would be a tremendous problem. Protect your driving privileges. Fight every point on your license. Talk to the Ventura County speeding ticket lawyers at Takakjian, Sowers & Sitkoff.

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Wrong Way on a One-Way Street

Just because you got a Ventura County speeding ticket doesn’t mean you were in the wrong. This may be a case of an unrealistic speed limit being posted. Your Ventura County speeding ticket lawyer will check whether there is a valid engineering and traffic survey on file that justifies the posted speed.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in challenging red light photo tickets. We may not be able to get this ticket dismissed, but we could argue to dismiss previous convictions. That will hold down your point total. We may request traffic school – and that will result in a dismissal when you have successfully completed the school.

At the Takakjian, Sowers & Sitkoff traffic tickets defense law firm, our attorneys believe you should fight every ticket when you know you had no intention to break the law. Your right to drive and your insurance rates are in jeopardy every time a point is added to your driving record. Out-of-state moving violations also add to your point total on your California driver’s license.

Former District Attorney Now on Your Side
What can Takakjian, Sowers & Sitkoff do about your traffic violations?
We can explain the circumstances of your traffic stop in a Ventura County traffic court. We can challenge the law behind your ticket. We can review past traffic tickets and ask that they be dismissed.speeding tickets

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Why do ants keep coming back

Why do ants keep coming back?

We have all at some time or the other been driven to distraction by returning ants. Sometimes they just appear to be impossible to get rid of despite using all the tricks in the book. But just why and how do they keep returning to our homes and in such large numbers?

The answer is pretty simple really and the answer is two-fold. It is the size of their colony and their amazing communication ability. Unlike other insects like spiders and bugs that work independently, ants work together in exceptionally large colonies and continually rely on one another. It only takes one single ant to march into your home for all the trouble to begin. That single insect will communicate through the use of pheromones to the other members of its colony. Pheromones release hormonal chemicals in their bodies allowing messages to travel back and forth. And those messages will be clear and simple – food. The others will simply follow the first ant’s scent trail and they will keep returning to that place looking for that continual food source. Pest Control

They will always find the way – by following the pheromone trail and before you know it, there are hundreds of them returning to the same spot continuously. If the insects have found their way into your kitchen or a place where there is a continual food source, then the visits will not cease. With a permanent supply of food and their powerful communication technique this could be a big problem. Bearing in mind that ants are active all year round, you must invest time and energy in locating and destroying the colony before it gets out of hand. Crushing ants is not the answer and is actually detrimental as if the Queen finds out that ants are being destroyed she will simply go into overdrive and increase her egg laying production. One thing you don’t want to do is make the Queen angry!

If your ant problem is outside in your yard and they keep returning to the same spot – follow the trail and locate the colony. It’s not hard. If they have built their colony inside the soil in your garden, then they will push away the earth as they forage and nest until it resembles a fine powder. You can spot an ant hill easily simply because it will not look like the rest of the soil. A simple way to stop them coming back is to pour boiling water on top of it. You may need to do it a few times as there may be a few colonies within close proximity to one another and they will be travelling between them. If you cannot bare to destroy a colony – dig it up and move it somewhere else. Although be aware that you may leave the Queen behind which would be a disaster.

If your ant problem is inside your home in your floorboards or skirting boards, and they keep returning, then unfortunately you do have a bigger issue on your hands. There are things that ants hate and its worth trying all of them as depending on the climate of where you are and the type of ants you have, what does not work for someone else might work perfectly for you. Try to resist poisons. They might kill the insects but they will NOT destroy a colony and are not safe around pets and small children.

Lemon & Citrus – ants cannot tolerate the citrus in lemons. Squeeze a fresh lemon, pour into a spray bottle, add a little lemon-based washing up liquid (Ecover is perfect), and top up with water. Spraying the ants with this concoction will kill them on contact. It won’t help to destroy the colony but it can help immensely if you have found cracks and crevices that they are continually coming out from. Be liberal and spray these entrances continuously or plug the crevices up with liquid dish soap to form a plug. Keep the spray bottle filled up at all times, ready for action.

Chalk – this treatment works for some people with infestations. Some ants will not cross a chalk line. Draw a chalk line where they are coming in and monitor the situation. If they don’t cross the line, then this is a simple method of stopping them coming in altogether – although your house may look pretty weird for a while.

Cinnamon – some people have had success with cinnamon powder as it is reported that ants do not like the smell. Fill up cracks and crevices and monitor the situation. Bear in mind that while this is a non-toxic approach to ant control, cats and dogs do not like cinnamon and you may find your pets will be not be happy and will prefer to stay away while cinnamon is being used.

Destroy the ant trail – use lemon based liquid dish soap and boiling water where possible. Wash and spray the areas liberally as the combination will destroy pheromone trails and confuse the ants as they rely on the trail to get from A to B. Do bear in mind what type of floor you have before you pour boiling water on to it to minimize any potential damage to flooring.

Use boiling water to destroy the colony. It is possible to knock out the whole colony if its external. You need to locate it first and it is very often in soil or cracks in patios or walls but once you do, liberally apply boiling water on it. You may need to repeat a few times and there may be more than one colony located within the vicinity. Keep monitoring trails and activity and keep pouring.

ant control
Ant bait – if you have located the colony internally you can bait it. However, remember bait is poisonous to pets and small children so use with extreme caution. Better still, if you want to use bait, bring in an expert to do it for you.

Keep clean – sounds basic but if there is no food source then there are no ants. While it’s impossible to stop crumbs falling onto the kitchen floor, work-top or dining areas, clean up and wash up immediately to stop those pesky ants coming in and returning.
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What Environmental Concerns To Except This Year?

England will be experiencing a breakthrough in the fuel sector with the fracking for shale to begin this year. The Yorkshire and Lancashire wells are due to be drilled this summer. With just 17% in favor of fracking more protests are expected. Another major cause of concern would be the Brexit negotiations that can be a threat to farming subsidies, animal welfare, GM foods, air and water pollution. If there would be a roll back of the environmental regulations then protests may emerge.

Statistics has it that air pollution kills nearly 50,000 people every year in Britain. Therefore this will be an important agenda for the government with the courts seeking a new plan to comply with the EU legal controls. A draft is likely to be published in the month of April that will completely fund the clean air zones in important cities, set up strict regulations for vehicle pollution and also encourage cycling and walking. London is expected to join the pledge for banning diesel vehicles for the next few years. This is a movement to eradicate fossil fuel within the next 3 decades.

Again the global climate this year will be dominated by the new presidential elect Donald Trump as he withdraws from the Paris global agreement to contain emissions. Trump has appointed intellectuals to be responsible for monitoring climate change and this is likely to increase the coal, gas and oil production. If US is out of the Paris deal, China will lead giving room to diplomatic damage. In this connect many climate scientists in the US are likely to lose a major chunk of research grants.

In the year 2017, a weak La Nina is expected to cool the Pacific Ocean waters. This is expected to bring about good rainfall and make the temperature cool. However, 2017 is likely to bring in more wildlife losses even as more animals are under the IUCN red lists and action being taken on illegal trade.

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